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Levi Spurlock Distillery

Providing You With the Very Best

As Levi Spurlock often said, anything worth doing is worth doing right. This is our belief, ensuring you that we stand by our commitment to honor hundreds of years of heritage and tradition when crafting our spirits. Our flagship spirit, BRONCO BOURBON is distilled in Indiana and barrel aged across the Ohio River in Kentucky, finishing it off in Michigan, expertly proofing with purified Great Lakes water, and giving you the best Bourbon the world has to offer.

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Introducing: Bronco Bourbon

Discover a Bourbon that is a little edgy; a little rough and tumble, with all the sophistication and flavors you’ve come to expect in a fine glass of Bourbon. BRONCO BOURBON is a contemporary Bourbon; bringing color, aroma and flavor together to offer you the perfect drinking experience. With a nod to the Wild West, the woody vanilla aroma and toasty, honey nuances make BRONCO BOURBON the ideal Bourbon to drink whether you are kicking off your boots to relax, or celebrating a special occasion.  

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BRONCO BOURBON is carefully crafted using the finest ingredients, producing the purest product possible. The mash bill is 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley. The end result is an exquisite 86.6 proof bourbon that pleases even the most discerning of palettes. The look, smell and taste of BRONCO BOURBON are proof that we have mastered the art of creating an exemplary product.

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